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Ukraine war: why Russians fleeing conscription should be treated as refugees

The Conversation September 29, 2022 Martin Jones

People fleeing across borders is a hallmark of armed conflict. We first saw millions of Ukrainians flee the country when the Russians invaded Ukraine in February this year. Now there are reports of hundreds of thousands of Russians fleeing their country in order to avoid Russia’s first mobilisation since the second world war.

Ottawa advocates plead for intervention after Afghan rights worker's application to come to Canada is rejected

Joanne Laucius Ottawa Citizen Sep 28, 2022  

Ottawa supporters of an Afghan women’s rights activist say they are outraged that her application to come to Canada was rejected.

Farzana Adell Ghadiya, who is in an undisclosed third country, was rejected for a visitor’s visa when she had actually applied for a Temporary Resident Permit for Protection (TRP), say her support

Canada sees fastest population growth since 1957, driven mostly by immigration: StatCan

Aya Al-Hakim  Global News September 28, 2022

Canada has seen its highest population growth rate since the height of the baby boom, mostly driven by immigration, according to Statistics Canada data released Wednesday.

As of July 1, the number of people living in Canada sat at an estimated 38.9 million, an increase of 0.7 per cent, or 284,982 people, from April 1, 2022.

Canada should recommit to bilingualism

Steve Lafleur Policy Options September 28, 2022

Canada is officially a bilingual country. In practice, though, there are few parts of Canada outside of Quebec where one can live a primarily francophone life. This probably won’t change. But Canada can and should aspire to be a more functionally bilingual country. That doesn’t have to mean large, divisive policy changes. A slight shift in attitude and some carrots, rather than sticks, could help reinvigorate bilingualism in at least some parts of the country outside of Quebec.

County to get $63K in new federal funds to support immigrants

Jessica Owen Collingwood Today September 28, 2022

An influx of cash has followed an influx of newcomers to Simcoe County.

Language data released last month as part of the 2021 census illustrates the number of Simcoe County residents whose first language is not English or French increased by 40.5 per cent since 2016. There were 2,290 immigrants who landed directly in Simcoe County in 2021, which is a sharp increase from 605 in 2020, according to county statistics.