Settlement Service Delivery Improvement Funding

Organization name: 
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Deadline date: 
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 4:00am
RFP status: 


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada RFP Settlement Service Delivery Improvement Funding.

We are looking to fund projects that will help us improve our settlement services and help us better understand newcomer needs. We are also looking for projects that help us better understand how effective our current services are so that we can improve the integration experience for newcomers. We will accept proposals that focus on areas such as:

  • language training in the workplace,
  • providing 360 degree support to vulnerable youth and,
  • fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of newcomers.

To be considered, your project should support at least one of the following priorities:

  1. Language acquisition
    Building on Canadian and international best practices, we want to increase opportunities for immigrants to combine language training and employment.
  2. Employment
    We want to better support the economic integration of newcomers, including refugees. If newcomers are interested in starting businesses, we want to help them get there with links to business mentoring and networks and to navigate the complexities of Canada’s commercialization landscape.
  3. Youth supports
    Helping youth to integrate and thrive in Canada is a key priority, especially for kids and teens that may be more vulnerable (e.g., refugees). We are looking for approaches to improve integration with a focus on well-being and mental health, labour market entry, higher education access, and providing 360-degree supports.
  4. Harnessing volunteers and supporting capacity building in settlement sector
    We want to harness volunteer energy to improve outcomes for newcomers through cross-cultural understanding.
  5. Pay-for-performance
    We want to test pay-for-performance models, in particular those focussed on employment and language outcomes.
  6. Newcomer wellbeing and programming to support vulnerable clients We want to ensure that our efforts in the Settlement program enhance newcomer well-being, dignity and social connections, and that our programming meet their needs. This includes newcomer women, newcomers with disabilities, LGBTQ, seniors, and visible minorities.
  7. Research and analysis to drive innovation and/or understand user experience
    We want to continue learning and innovating. This means testing innovative solutions to improve the effectiveness of service delivery and access, and better understanding the settlement needs of newcomers, using a wide variety of appropriate scientific methodologies and approaches, including but not limited to surveys, interviews, participant observations, ethnographies, quasi-experimental design, behavioural economics, and nudge theory.

How it works

The application process opens November 14, 2017 and closes November 28, 2017.

We will use a two-step Expression of Interest process:

  1. Letter Of Interest (LOI)
    1. Submit a short LOI using an online tool. The LOI briefly describes your proposed project and identifies which priority it supports.
  2. Once your LOI is reviewed, you will be asked to submit the full application if your project meets our needs.

For full details, including eligibility requirements and program guidelines please, click here