RFP - Online Curriculum Development for Enhanced Language Training for Internationally Trained Health Care Professionals

Deadline date: 
Friday, December 15, 2017 - 4:30pm
Fixed date
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COSTI Immigrant Services seeks an experienced curriculum writer to expand the existing on-line training modules for the Enhanced Language Training (ELT) program for Internationally Trained Professionals in the Health Care sector. The existing on-line training modules were adopted from the Online Services for the Nursing profession. COSTI aims to enhance the existing modules with up to date information and to expand the content to include a range of other health care professions (e.g. physicians, therapists, pharmacists, medical technicians, personal support workers, etc.).

The ELT program combines sector specific workplace language training (Canadian Language Benchmark Levels 7 to 9) with employment preparation and work placement. Participants in the ELT program are newcomers who have been foreign trained and intend to either re-start their careers or channel their job search efforts toward related occupations and professions to which their skills can be transferred. The goal is to assist participants in accessing gainful employment and job maintenance. On-line training modules are an integral component of the blended learning environment of the ELT program. They supplement in-class learning by providing relevant information on the professional sector and interactive activities for participants to enhance the language and communication skills in preparation for the workplace. The ELT program is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Scope of Work and Deliverables

The Consultant(s) retained for this project will:

  • Convert / enhance pre-existing online curriculum and develop new content and activities based on the existing format for a 9-week /45-hour interactive online course on Moodle that focuses on workplace language skills development and employment preparation for Internationally Trained Professionals in the Health Care sector
  • Incorporate adult education principles and teaching English as a Second Language principles
  • Update course overview to reflect specific goals and objectives for each weekly module
  • Incorporate reading materials, resources and links, audio and visual aids where appropriate, as well as language and terminology exercises / forum discussions / quizzes and assignments in each weekly module
  • Enhance and develop the glossary of sector terminology
  • Enhance and develop online curriculum in the areas of:
    1. Orientation to the workplace (i.e. Canadian workplace culture and expectations, labour market information, National Occupational Code, employee’s rights and responsibilities, health care system in Canada)
    2. Essential Skills for various health care professions and alternative careers
    3. Professional accreditation, language requirements, credential assessment and prior learning assessment
    4. Language for Job Search (e.g. networking, resumes, cover letters, interviews, thank you letters, etc.)
    5. Standards of practice and professional associations
    6. Sector Terminology and Workplace Communication in the Health Care Environment
    7. Communication with Clients in a Multicultural Environment
    8. Social Media for Job Search and Job Retention
    9. Workplace Safety


  • Modules for Week 1 to Week 3 to be completed by February 12, 2018
  • Modules for Week 4 to Week 5 to be completed by February 21, 2018
  • Modules for Week 6 to 9 to be completed by March 5, 2018
  • All supporting documentation and additional references to be completed by March 12, 2018


  • Review exiting online training modules to identify gaps for curriculum enhancement and development
  • Write curriculum directly into Moodle targeting participants at Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) levels 7 to 9
  • Each weekly module will include reading materials, resources and links, audio and visual aids where appropriate, as well exercises and activities to check participants’ understanding and to assist participants in improving their sector terminology use and workplace communication skills
  • Each weekly module will include a variety of activities that will appeal to different learning styles
  • All online course content will be appropriately stored within folders and files and will include lists of all links, with a brief description, used in the course
  • Provide a sampling of good resumes from across the main job categories of the sector
  • Include and provide complete references for all cited materials
  • Follow copyright law for citations, audio and visual materials and use of images
  • Provide weekly updates on the progress of the project via emails
  • Meet with the Language & Skills Training General Manger as needed for progress monitoring and course adjustments
  • Journalize experience and keep track of time spent on each major deliverables

Response Format

In preparing for a submission, all bidders must contact the Language & Skills Training General Manager, Regina Chan at Regina.Chan@costi.org to obtain a temporary enrollment key and review the existing ELT for Health Care online training modules. The existing content and format are the basis upon which the RFP work will build.

In submitting a written response to this RFP, consultants will:

  • Outline their understanding of the project goals, objectives and deliverables and set out their proposed workplan to achieve same. The workplan should include any qualifications on scope of work projects to be delivered and limitations on revisions/edits.
  • Provide reference examples of comparable assignments conducted and contact information for two clients for phone references
  • Provide a CV for yourself / your firm referencing the scope of your consulting practice and professional specialties
  • A total and breakdown in fees showing time attributed to each work item and related client communication/consultation and the applicable daily rate. A proposed schedule for fee payments should be included including all applicable taxes.
  • This call assumes the consultant will work out of his/her own business premises. COSTI will arrange access to the website as required.

The submission deadline is December 15th 2017 4:30 pm with delivery by mail or email to the attention of:

Regina Chan, General Manager, Language & Skills Training Services, York Region
COSTI Immigrant Services
Welcome Centre Markham North, 8400 Woodbine Avenue, Markham
Ontario L3R 4N7

Email: Regina.Chan@costi.org

Selection Process

The selection committee will review submissions, select and if deemed necessary, interview semi-finalists based on their comprehension of the project goals and objectives, relevant past experience and cost. Reference checks will be made on the finalist before offering a contract. COSTI may choose not to accept any consultant from those submitting and is not bound to select the lowest bidder.

All work products and research developed for this project will remain the sole intellectual property of COSTI.

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