RFP: Marketing & Communications Consultant for the Diversity & Inclusion Charter of Peel Community Engagement & Leadership Initiative

Organization name: 
Regional Diversity Roundtable
Deadline date: 
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 5:00pm
RFP status: 

Purpose of the RFP

The Regional Diversity Roundtable (RDR) is seeking the services of a marketing and communications consultant to develop and execute an integrated strategic plan for its Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Charter Community Engagement and Leadership Initiative, a 23-month project funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The successful candidate will be expected to develop and execute a comprehensive communications strategy that will increase the initiative’s visibility within diverse communities; this includes engaging in brand development, formulating key messaging, and engaging communities using diverse methods.

Background: Regional Diversity Roundtable

The Regional Diversity Roundtable (RDR) is a charitable not-for-profit and membership based organization that is committed to building inclusion and diversity competence that results in the institutionalization of equity in the core values, structures, workforces, policies and services of the public and human services sectors in Peel Region. For additional information, please visit www.regionaldiversityroundtable.org.

Background: Diversity and Inclusion Charter of Peel

In response to growing opportunities and challenges in Peel Region, one of the fastest growing regions in Canada, the D&I Charter of Peel has been developed as a regional initiative to foster inclusiveness and equity in the community.

Launched in April 2013, the Charter’s goal is to ensure the full inclusion of all who live, work and play in Peel. It seeks to enable residents, communities, organizations, and governments in Peel to cooperatively create change through the implementation of the Charter’s commitments.

The D&I Charter Project consists of three phases; Phase 1 and Phase 2 took place from 2011 to 2016. More information about the first two phases can be found at http://www.dicharter.org.

The D&I Charter of Peel Community Engagement and Leadership Initiative is the 3rd phase of the project. This phase seeks to engage diverse multilingual communities from across Peel Region and bring the Charter to life at the local and grassroots level.

Community Engagement And Leadership Initiative: Scope of Work And Deliverables

Throughout Phase 3, the marketing and communications consultant will work to meet the following deliverables:

  • Develop a comprehensive communications strategy that will guide and support the D&I Charter project team in generating public awareness, and ensuring project brand recognition.
  • Develop and deliver compelling messaging to a broad audience - this includes but is not limited to the creation of branding for the D&I Charter Community Engagement and Leadership Initiative and the development of population-specific communication;
  • Develop a strong multimedia (online and print) marketing campaign to increase public awareness and ensure brand recognition of the D&I Charter Community Engagement and Leadership Initiative;

These project deliverables will contribute to the following outcomes:

  • Increased awareness and understanding of the Charter in Peel’s diverse communities
  • Increased reach of the Charter to a larger regional network
  • Increased endorsement of the Charter
  • Increased commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in Peel Region

Throughout this phase of the project, the Regional Diversity Roundtable is committed to evaluating marketing and communication efforts.

Note: The target audience for this project is very demographically and ethnically diverse; any marketing and communications action-planning and campaigning must reflect this

E. D&I Charter Target Audience

Over the course of the next 23 months, the D&I Charter Initiative will be expanding its reach to Peel Region’s diverse and multilingual communities in an effort to catalyze the Charter’s implementation at the local level, and to build a stronger and more inclusive community. The project team is focused on engaging individuals from 10 ethno-linguistic groups (including but not limited to: South and East Asian, Middle-Eastern, Eastern-European, and Hispanic) as well as individuals with accessibility needs in order to break barriers, build community capacity, and encourage dialogue.

The selected consultant will be responsible for supporting the expansion of the D&I Charter’s target audience through the aforementioned project deliverables.

Timelines & Milestones

  • Project Start Date: September 2016
  • Launch of Multimedia Campaign: Late Winter/Early Spring 2017
  • Project End Date: May 2018

Remuneration Information

The available funding for this project is $25,000-$30,000 (including applicable taxes) over the course of the project. This amount includes any media/material costs that may be incurred (to be jointly discussed by the selected candidate(s) and the project team). The funding will be disbursed in installments. The first installment will be paid upon the signing of the contract.

Application Requirements

Please provide the following information in your application no later than Friday September 15, 2016 at 5:00 pm:

  • Detailed proposal outlining work plan based on scope of work and deliverables

Please ensure that your work plan clearly demonstrates how you will engage diverse communities

  • Detailed timelines and budget information

The submitted budget must be inclusive of any options and/or costs associated with the project deliverables

  • Detailed CV (and Team Profile, if applicable)
  • 1 sample of similar and/or relevant work
  • 3 recent references for similar and/or relevant projects

*All submissions must be in electronic form; either PDF or Word format, and sent to RDR Chair Varsha Naik at chair@regionaldiversityroundtable.org with the subject line: Marketing and Communications Proposal: RDR D&I Charter Community Leadership Initiative

Selection Criteria

RDR invites proposals from suitably qualified individuals and firms with substantial consultancy experience in all aspects of marketing and communications, particularly for the not-for-profit sector. Consultants must have a demonstrated understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion issues in addition to experience with social campaigning and creating messaging for diverse communities.

The selection of successful proposals will be based on the quality of the proposal, the profile of the proposed team, and on cost.  Proposals will be assessed using the following criteria and weighting:

Criteria Weighting %
Team profile 35
Work plan (clarity, fit with timetable, resource allocation) 40
Portfolio (demonstrated expertise, clarity and relevance of sample work) 25