Request for Proposals: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Organization name: 
ISANS (Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia)
Deadline date: 
Friday, May 13, 2022 - 11:45pm
Fixed date
RFP status: 

Request for Proposals

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

The Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia is requesting proposals to provide consulting services for the development of an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. ISANS is looking for support to design and develop an integrated EDI strategy, roadmap, communication and implementation plan. Goals To develop an EDI strategy for ISANS as an organization that will:

  • Create a vision of EDI work as a collective responsibility and shared journey;
  • Create alignment across teams on our EDI work and approach, ensuring that it is grounded in consistent values
  • Share resources and de-silo communications for consistent messaging across the organization.

Respondents will need to work with ISANS to develop an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy in a format that is specific to our needs as an immigrant settlement agency. The respondent will produce a product that will include a communication and training framework that can concisely, yet consistently and effectively, provide criteria and boundaries that will inform employees’ actions in carrying out the strategy. The successful respondent will report to the identified ISANS Contact for the delivery of these services. We see the overall process involving the following three stages: 1. Assessment and Gap Analysis 2. Development of the Strategy. 3. Development of the Implementation and Change Plan

Scope of Work:

To assist the Senior Leadership Team in the development of a strategic statement, approach and framework to align and support new and existing programs, policies and processes that enable equity and create a sense of belonging for all ISANS employees, recognizing our role as an immigrant settlement agency.

Consultant Services:

  • Support internal research, data gathering and analysis to assess organizational performance and alignment related to equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Identify gaps in organizational competencies and staff trainingwith a focus on equity, diversity and inclusion-related concepts and principles, including but not limited to antiracism, accessibility, inclusion and gender-based analysis
  • Support the development of a strategic statement, approach and framework related to EDI approach and work
  • Support the development of a communication and change management plan to introduce the statement, approach and framework to the organization and its stakeholders
  • Support the development of a mechanism for the identification, prioritization, development and implementation of sustainable and scalable programs, policies and initiatives, including criteria for ongoing assessment, development, and resourcing options
  • Build and develop key metrics and measurements to assess the effectiveness of the EDI strategy, policies and programs including the use of surveys and other feedback loops.


The successful proposal will have:

  • A demonstrated understanding and knowledge of equity, diversity and inclusion terminology, principles and practices
  • Current knowledge on best practices across non-profit, private and public organizations
  • Proven experience and demonstrated knowledge in the development and implementation of strategic frameworks
  • Experience partnering with industry and community stakeholders to increase awareness of issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Demonstrated understanding of facilitation and integration of an EDI-minded lens at both the individual and systems change levels
  • Substantive knowledge and ability to participate comfortably in discussions on antiracism and discrimination, equity, diversity, inclusion using current discourse (e.g. antioppression, social justice, inter-culturalism, feminism, critical race theory, disability studies, queer studies, decolonization etc.) while remaining open to new and challenging ideas
  • Proven experience and demonstrated knowledge in the development and implementation of educational programs and campaigns related to anti-racism and discrimination, equity, inclusion and diversity
  • Demonstrated skill in developing and/ or delivering workshops and other educational initiatives related to EDI and/or anti-racism
  • Proven intercultural competencies and ability to effectively communicate and interact with members from diverse communities. In addition, experience working with immigrants and/or immigrant-serving organizations is considered an asset

Additionnal Information:

Please see the document attached below.