Request for Applications: Provincial Equity Leadership Facilitator Development

Deadline date: 
Monday, March 20, 2017 - 5:00pm
Fixed date
RFP status: 

The Community Inclusivity Equity Council of York Region (CIECYR)  applied for and received a significant grant to employ the services of an equity subject matter expert/consultant to facilitate the learning and development of 25 provincial facilitators with regards to governance and operational leadership through an equity lens.  In turn, the provincial facilitators would deliver a three day curriculum to senior leaders across the province. The consultant will also be responsible for developing an equity strategic leadership development guide and self-assessment tool as well as an organizational leadership equity readiness guide.

A co-facilitator model will be employed to deliver the 3 day curriculum.  The training process to become a facilitator requires a commitment of nine days. All days must be attended. Interviews will be arranged between April and June 2017.  Refer to the above attachments for details as well as to apply.  Applications should be submitted by March 20th, 2017.  Regional and geographic representation from across the province is preferred and encouraged.  Applicants who are selected to be interviewed and who are not within the GTA, can be interviewed via Skype.  Only qualified candidates will be contacted. 


  • Ability to attend 9 days of training (training days will be over a four to five month period) plus additional training as required
  • Ability to cover any unforeseen periphery costs associate with attending all 9 training days (e.g. transportation and accommodations)
  • Ability to deliver the three-day curriculum 3-4 times a year along with a session in their own organization.
  • Be a part of a virtual institute/think-tank via Skype or conference calls approximately 3 times a year as well as be open to continued skill development via webinars, journal articles and facilitated conversations  with other provincial facilitators.

Note: Organizations that request the three day learning session for their senior leadership teams are solely responsible for covering all costs associated with travel and accommodations, and the provincial facilitator’s salary over the course of the three days.

Submission Deadline: March 20, 2017

Refer to the attachments for details as well as to apply.