Project Evaluation: Skills Training Advancement for Refugees (STAR)

Deadline date: 
Friday, November 23, 2018 - 12:00pm
Fixed date
RFP status: 

Purpose of the RFP

ACSA is seeking submissions from project evaluators to evaluate the Skills Training and Advancement for Refugees (STAR) Project.

The purpose of this RFP is to find a suitable partner that will work with Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA) to collect and provide analysis of project/program data to establish best practices and recommendations for the delivery of the STAR Project.

Background and Project Description

The project, Skills Training Advancement for Refugees (STAR), is funded under the Province of Ontario’s 2017 Call for Proposals related to Settlement and Integration Services for Refugees and Vulnerable Newcomers, which seeks to enhance the settlement and employment supports available to vulnerable newcomers, with a focus on refugees and refugee claimants, to facilitate their social and/or economic integration.

This project is an economic integration project. It provides targeted labour market integration supports for eligible clients, and supports specialized programming that combines language learning and work experience, while facilitating job placement. The project, Skills Training Advancement for Refugees (STAR), supports the language training, licensing, certification and labour market integration of refugees and vulnerable newcomers and enhance their English language fluency in an expedited and effective manner. Selected training programs in partnership with training centres will equip participants with viable and marketable skills directing them to employment leads. Participants will be connected to job opportunities upon completion of courses. The project will also offer in-house language training program in collaboration with training centres specifically to develop an industry focused curriculum. There will be flexibility and accommodation to ensure that refugees and vulnerable newcomers will be successful in their chosen occupation.

The project targets 331 participants accessing a variety of courses and/or services, resulting in an anticipated 95% success rate for the number of participants who complete the courses.

The project includes both pre- and post-employment supports, and has individual assessment and group training components. Information and training on workplace health and safety and employment standards are integral parts of the project.

The project will contribute to the following outcomes:

  • Clients develop knowledge, skills and connections related to occupations or sectors with current labour market demand.
  • Clients become employed or start a small business
  • Clients retain employment and support their families


  • Create program evaluation design for the STAR Project
  • Questionnaire survey design and support
  • Train staff in evaluation methods to be used for the STAR Project
  • Conduct Interviews and/or focus groups with program participants
  • Support data analysis
  • Prepare preliminary report
  • Final evaluation report that contains methodologies, analysis and recommendations about the Project

Proposal Guidelines

Along with your proposal, please provide a cover letter, company portfolio, and 2 recent references based on related initiatives, work, and a sample of a completed evaluation project no later than: November 23rd 2018. Also include clear timelines and deadline for completion of the evaluation. Selection process will commence the week of September 17th.

All submissions must be in electronic form; either PDF or Word format to be sent to with the subject line: Proposal: Project Evaluation-STAR Project


  • $10,000 including HST

Proposal Requirements

  • Must demonstrate experience in project/program evaluation with subject matter expertise on newcomers and refugees
  • An understanding of the non-profit sector
  • Background information about the consultant or consulting team
  • Past evaluation work by the consultant/s
  • An overview of the consultant’s understanding of the work desired
  • A description of methodology to be used
  • Work plan, key activities, timelines and deliverables
  • Provide at least 2 references