New funding available for 'breakthrough' family law ideas that advance access to justice

Deadline date: 
Friday, June 30, 2017 - 5:00am
RFP status: 

The Law Foundation of Ontario opened a new call for applications today to fund innovative legal projects in the area of family law through its national Access to Justice Fund.

Family law, including child protection, is an important area of focus for the Foundation because many people experiencing family problems struggle to use the law to improve their lives and address those problems.

"This call gives us the unique opportunity to step outside the day-to-day and help support both big and small-scope ideas from across Canada," explains Linda Rothstein, the Foundation's Board Chair. "We're looking forward to receiving ideas for projects that help improve and foster innovations in the ways the public understands and deals with family law matters."

The call for applications includes one round for small grants, those under $15,000, and one round for major grants, those up to $250,000.

The deadlines for applications are June 30, 2017 and October 2, 2017 respectively.

For full details, including program criteria and the application process, visit

The Law Foundation of Ontario's Access to Justice Fund (ATJF) is a distinct and permanent fund that makes grants to projects that improve access to justice across the country. The Foundation created the ATJF in 2009 after receiving a cy-près award from Cassano v TD Bank. Courts have continued to approve the Foundation as a fitting and accountable recipient of both fixed and residual cy-près awards given its experience and expertise in granting, broad access to justice mandate, and prudent financial management. This allows the Foundation to develop additional calls for funding and make grants through the ATJF, such as this Family Law call.

For more information:

Nathalie Noël, Communications Specialist, The Law Foundation of Ontario, 416-598-1550 x 312,

Kirsti Mathers McHenry, Director, Policy & Programs, The Law Foundation of Ontario, 416-598-1550 x 310,