CCS Researcher/ Consultant: Community Asset Gaps Analysis

Deadline date: 
Friday, January 14, 2022 - 5:00pm
Fixed date
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Catholic Crosscultural Services - CCS is a settlement agency providing a wide range of services to immigrants and refugees regardless of race, religion or status. We work to improve lives of newcomers by providing information, training, services and supports.

CCS is seeking an experienced community researcher/consultant to undertake a community assessment and complete an environmental scan, service delivery mapping and newcomer settlement services asset and gaps analysis in Durham and Peel region. The analysis report is to help identify and understand the unique needs, demographic composition, and assets of these communities. Based on the findings and recommendations for the next steps, the researcher/consultant will support CCS to draft a short and long term plan in supporting the area and strategy in collaboration with other providers, neighborhood groups, and faith-based organizations.


The researcher/consultant will be responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive asset and gaps analysis for newcomer and settlement services in Scarborough and Durham region as well as Brampton/ Mississauga areas. This will include literature review, analysis of available data sets, asset mapping, key informant interviews, focus groups and surveys as needed. It should also include an analysis of public policy related to immigration and settlement as it affects these regions and its local communities.


  • Detailed, comprehensive and well-written report on settlement service assets and gaps in the targeted areas with an executive summary
  • Recommendations for next steps
  • List of potential partners and funders if not already associated with CCS
  • An executive summary in presentation format

Successful applicants will:

  • Have hands-on experience conducting community-based research
  • Demonstrate experience in designing and conducting community needs assessments, environmental scans and community-based research, including research design, implementation and producing high quality research reports
  • Demonstrate experience conducting literature reviews and using various types of research methodologies
  • Be skilled in qualitative research methods including recruiting participants, conducting interviews and focus groups, and synthesizing data
  • Have experience working with a range of community-based organizations and initiatives in the GTA, with access to current networks and groups
  • Be familiar with newcomer needs and the related service provider landscape
  • Have necessary experience or knowledge of data analytics
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and communications skills, including the ability to manage sensitive information and communicate with various stakeholders


The budget for this consultancy will be in the range of $20k-$25k.

How to apply:

Interested applicants are requested to submit their proposal by Friday, January 14th via email, indicating ‘RFP - Community Asset & Gaps Analysis’ in the subject line, to: