Welcoming Week 2022 toolkit

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Welcoming Week Toolkit 2022

Welcoming Week is an annual opportunity to recognize and celebrate the people, places and values that help everyone feel welcome and that they belong in their local community, no matter where they come from.

This year’s Welcoming Week takes place from September 9 to 18. It marks the 10th anniversary of what is now a global event, and Canada’s third year participating nationally.

We recognize the important work of many immigrant settlement organizations in this space. Welcoming Week is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of these activities.

Successful integration is a two-way street: the more welcoming communities are, the more newcomers feel at home and contribute locally.

Here are some tips and shareable content to help you spread messages of inclusion on your website and social media channels or during virtual events and meetings. We encourage you to do what works best for your community or organization.

These recommendations aren’t intended to be prescriptive. You should design Welcoming Week activities to resonate locally, by considering what events, messages and collaborations will be the most effective in building a welcoming place for all.

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