Sector Research

Academic studies and in-depth research reports focused on a wide variety of immigration-related topics. These documents are typically written at a high English level.

Decent Work for Women Working in the Ontario Nonprofit Sector

The Ontario Nonprofit Network has received funding from Status of Women Canada for a three-year project to apply a GBA+ lens (gender based intersectional analysis) to iIdentify barriers to women workers’ economic empowerment and prosperity in the nonprofit sector and develop and implement pilot solutions to address these barriers at the organizational, network and policy levels.

Summary Report of the Survey of Newcomers Done by the Calgary Local Immigration Partnership (CLIP)

The Calgary Local Immigration Partnership undertook a Survey of Newcomers, which was the first of its kind done expressly for Calgary in several years. The purpose was to better understand why Calgarians who were born outside of Canada do or do not access Canadian settlement services during their migration process.