LINC 5-7 Curriculum Guidelines

Toronto Catholic District School Board


The LINC 5-7 Curriculum Guidelines document is meant to assist instructors in program planning by providing ideas for curriculum content that:

  • are consistent with the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 2000,
  • are task-based and learner-centred, and
  • meet the objective of the LINC program, which is to provide language instruction that facilitates social, cultural and economic integration into Canada.

The LINC 5-7 Curriculum Guidelines document is not intended to prescribe syllabus content. Instructors can select and use relevant material from this document based on the needs and the goals of their learners.

The document offers 20 units with ideas for teaching language in specific communication situations, such as meetings, social interaction and interviews. It also provides ideas for thematic content utilizing the same 12 themes as in the LINC 1-5 Curriculum Guidelines document.


  • LINC 5-7 Curriculum Guidelines: In the Classroom
    This is a companion document to the LINC 5–7 Curriculum Guidelines. It follows the experiences of three LINC instructors (Catherine, Carol and Milla) as they planned their programs and demonstrates how they used the Guidelines in this process.


  • Introduction and Overview
  • Planning and Assessment
  • LINC Level Outcomes
  • Academic Skills - 2 Units
  • Business Writing - 2 Units
  • Interacting with Others - 4 Units
  • Looking for a Job - 3 Units
  • Managing Information - 4 Units
  • Meetings - 3 Units
  • Telephone Calls - 2 Units
  • Themes
  • Additional Resources
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