Settlement workers need to have knowledge about issues specific to Francophones in order to understand their needs and rights and to connect them with appropriate services.

OCASI wants to hear from you, settlement practitioners!

In order to better serve its communities of settlement practitioners, OCASI is organizing a survey for its 2 bilingual knowledge hubs, SettlementAtWork and its French counterpart SecteurEtablissement.

The short survey will allow OCASI to get feedback and more insight on how settlement practitioners have been using these platforms so far and how they would like to see them evolve in the near future. A win-win situation!

Immigration Minister announces key initiatives to promote Francophone immigration from pre-arrival to citizenship

Promoting Francophone immigration is a priority for the Government of Canada. As part of National Francophone Immigration Week, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced a number of key initiatives to improve and grow services for francophone immigrants.