Ways to Boost Your Brain Fitness

Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science

Building brain health is important for people of all ages. According to the Alzheimer Society of Ontario, keeping an active mind can help reduce the risk of dementia.

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Here are ideas to help people of all ages keep their brains engaged this summer:

  • Get creative -- Whether it's painting, pottery or carpentry, making something helps to build cognitive and motor skills by interpreting instructions, making decisions and mastering tools.
  • Include theatre, museums and galleries in your summer plans to engage the creative side of your brain.
  • Relax with puzzles, brain-teasers, chess, card games or a good book to de-stress while keeping your brain active.
  • Get outside and play -- Physical activity is important at every age, but for older adults in particular, it can reduce risks associated with dementia. Exercise will also help you sleep well, which also contributes to brain health.