Resource for Employment Specialists Supporting Youth Living with Mental Health Issues

Youth Employment Services (YES)

This package provides resources and tools for Employment Specialists who are looking to expand their programming and adapt their practices to better serve youth with mental health issues. It covers topics such as: basic mental health, how to best adapt employment service practices to fit the needs of youth living with mental illness, and how to prepare youth living with mental health issues for new employment.

More Information: 

The main goals of this resource are to:

  • Provide Employment Counselors with a basic understanding of mental health as well as the knowledge of how employment and the mental illness recovery process are related.
  • Provide Employment Agencies/Counselors with tips and best practices on how to create an open and supportive environment for youth living with mental health issues.
  • Provide Employment Counselors with six pre-employment workshops that have been specifically created to help prepare youth living with mental health issues seek and maintain employment successfully.