Open for Business' and 'A Place to Grow' New Licence Plate and Driver's Licence to Reflect Ontario's Optimistic Future

Government of Ontario

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Ontario's Government is introducing updated personal and commercial licence plates along with a new driver's licence design that reflects a renewed government promise to put people first in everything it does. The licence plate and driver's licence renewal process enhance the quality, design and production of both important products while saving taxpayers millions of dollars each year. 

Starting February 1, 2020, all licence plates issued will be of the new plate design and Ontarians will also be able to voluntarily purchase a new licence plate featuring one of two optimistic slogans.  Ontario Passenger Plates will feature the tagline "A Place to Grow" harkening to Ontario's unofficial 'A Place to Stand, a Place to Grow' anthem first debuted at Expo '67.  Ontario Commercial Plates will feature the slogan 'Open for Business' which reflects the province's renewed commitment to economic growth and job creation across the province. 

The new design of Ontario driver's licences, which includes the new Ontario logo, will be available in the fall. The government is also ensuring that police have the tools they need to keep roads and communities safe by improving the quality of Ontario's licence plates and keeping both the front and rear licence plates on vehicles.

The new licence plates and driver's licence will also feature a renewed version of Ontario's classic trillium logo, part of a refreshed brand identity that will be implemented across the entire government. The logo is accompanied by a clear and succinct articulation of a simple unifying principle: that the Ontario government is "Working for You."

The government has delivered a new visual identity directive across the entire public sector that will explicitly prohibit the spending of taxpayer dollars on new logos or other visual identifiers going forward. Since 2011, the ministries and agencies of the Ontario government wasted more than $2 million on visual identity work that only served to fragment the Ontario government's brand and confuse the public.

Existing visual identifiers will be retired and replaced by variations of a flexible and adaptable brand system based on the new trillium. This will be done in a "no-waste" manner to allow different bodies to exhaust their pre-existing brand collateral before adopting the new standard. Revenue-generating government bodies with existing brand identities will be managed on a case-by-case basis.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario issues approximately 3.6 million licence plates per year total, including approximately 2.4 million passenger and 580,000 commercial plates.
  • Modernizing the licence plate and how the plate is produced will save taxpayers millions of dollars each year. In addition to savings associated with the plate itself, significant year-over-year savings will be realized through the planned deployment of new, on-demand manufacturing and delivery technologies that will dramatically reduce the need for inventory warehousing and handling, streamline production, improve the customer experience, and reduce the waste of core inputs such as aluminum.
  • The province’s licence plate was last redesigned in 1982.
  • Ontario’s current plates are beaded and oversized compared to the North American standard for size. The new Ontario plate will use high definition sheeting that is stronger, brighter and longer lasting than the current Ontario licence plate and is proven technology used across other North American jurisdictions.
  • This new logo will achieve millions of dollars of cost savings across government. Just since 2011, taxpayers have paid over $2 million for the government to dilute its own brand.

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