Ontario to Improve Crop Production by Fighting Plant Diseases

Government of Ontario

News Release

Ontario's government is investing in research to develop new practices and on-farm solutions for fruit, vegetable and field crop farmers to prevent or control costly crop diseases and pests and improve production practices. The $1.3 million investment aims to boost productivity and profitability for farmers.

Through the Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance, the province is funding research projects at the University of Guelph to help optimize production and minimize the damage and economic losses caused by crop diseases and pests on Ontario farms, including:

  • Surveillance for blight management decisions in field tomatoes
  • Investigating the threat of onion thrips to greenhouse floriculture pest management programs
  • Developing approaches to combat Fusarium disease in wheat
  • Assessing management in sugar beets to reduce crop disease
  • Investigating production of a year-round supply of high-quality potatoes for Ontario
  • Improving grape rootstock to prevent winter losses in sensitive areas.

Quick Facts

  • The Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance, a collaboration between the Ontario government and the University of Guelph, helps the province’s agri-food and rural sectors grow and innovate.
  • Through the Alliance, the Ontario government is investing over $5.8 million in agri-food research this year in the areas of environmental sustainability, animal and plant health and production, as well as agri-food and bio-product development.
  • Ontario’s fruit and vegetable sector contributes approximately $5.4 billion to the GDP and supports more than 110,000 direct jobs.

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