Ontario Helping Protect Communities from Disasters

Government of Ontario

News Release

 The Ontario Government is ensuring communities across the province are protected from future extreme weather damage by funding a new pilot program.

The Municipal Disaster Recovery Assistance (MDRA) program provides financial assistance to eligible communities that face extraordinary emergency response and repair costs after a natural disaster. 

As part of a $1 million pilot project, the province will provide municipalities that qualify for MDRA funding with up to 15 per cent above the estimated cost of rebuilding damaged public infrastructure to make it more resilient to extreme weather. Examples could include raising roads to provide better overland flow of water, improving the columns or footings of bridges, or increasing the size of ditches and catch basins to increase their capacity to hold water. Communities that were affected by spring flooding that occurred after March 1, 2019 are eligible for the enhanced funding under the pilot.

Investments that help reduce the risk of repeated damage due to extreme weather can save municipalities, small businesses and homeowners time and money, and keep residents safer when disasters do strike.

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