Invitation to participate - Innovative Models of Sponsor-Settlement Collaboration

The work of settlement services in providing accurate information and referral, and increasing newcomers’ support networks is crucial to all newcomers, including privately sponsored refugees. Refugee sponsors can play a similar role during the initial settlement phase of privately sponsored refugees.

OCASI and  Refugee 613 are working on a new project to improve and increase collaboration between settlement service providers and refugee sponsorship groups. (more info attached)

We’re kicking off this project with stakeholders focus groups to better understand the current state of settlement-sponsor teamwork. Focus groups will be held in Toronto, Ottawa and Kitchener with frontline settlement workers, refugee sponsorship group members and former refugees.

Your experience working with refugee clients and/or their refugee sponsors is incredibly valuable to the improvement of the settlement-sponsor relationship and the direction of this project.

We would like to invite you to join one of the focus groups with frontline settlement workers.

The focus group is 2 hours in length and refreshments will be provided. You do not need to live or work in that city, as long as you can make it there, we’re happy to have you participate! Please click on the one you would like to attend for more information and to register:

Please note that participation is limited to 1 person per focus group, so reserve your spot soon!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sally Dimachki at  

Refer to the PDF for full details.