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Recorded Webinar on ODSP and Arts Council Grants

Artists who are deaf or disabled are encouraged by various government arts councils to apply for grants to pursue their artistic projects and develop their professional capacity. However, if those artists are on ODSP, the grants are treated as "income". This causes many artists with disabilities to fear that they would receive little or no benefit from those grants, or that their ODSP eligibility might be threatened. The ODSP Action Coalition, in cooperation with Workman Arts and other artists' groups, has published an information pamphlet to explain the rules to deaf and disabled artists.

Report: Being Involved in Uninvolved Contexts: Refugee Parent Involvement in Children’s Education

This community-based qualitative research focuses on the involvement experiences of refugee parents and the challenges they face in being involved in their children’s education. Although this research in based in the Manitoba context, some of the recommendations on how to promote refugee parental involvement may be applicable to the Ontario context.

Elimination of Conditional Permanent Residence for Spouses and Partners

The Conditional Permanent Residency requirement has been a significant barrier for immigrant women in abusive relationships. Government of Canada has removed the condition that applied to some sponsored spouses or partners of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to live with their sponsor for two years in order to keep their permanent resident status. This change applies to anyone who was subject to the requirement, as well as to new spouses and partners who are sponsored as permanent residents.