Career Map for Corporate Finance Career Paths

Corporate Finance Institute

In this online interactive career map, you can click on a career path to explore your options. Find answers to questions such as: what skills you need, how to break into the industry, how much money you can make, what type of personality suits the role, etc.

More Information: 

The term "corporate finance" can encompass a wide variety of roles across a diverse range of employers. In order to make it easier to understand, the industry can be divided into four different types of employers.

  • Banks ("sell side")
  • Institutions ("buy side")
  • Corporates ("issuers")
  • Public Accounting firms

Within each of the above four employers there are three to four main groups that fall into the Corporate Finance Institute calls corporate finance jobs.

In each group several key questions are answered to help you determine how good of a fit you are for that job. There are a few key points that determine how successful you will be in a particular industry.

  • Personality type
  • Compensation
  • Entry / exit strategy

After discovering which path is the best fit you can start developing your learning plan with the courses and certificates that are necessary to get hired and thrive in the role.