Actions interculturelles de développement et d’éducation selected to provide pre-arrival services

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Pre-arrival settlement services are a key element of Canada’s immigration program. They provide newcomers, including refugees, with the information and settlement support they need to make informed decisions about their new life in Canada before they arrive, such as how to prepare for finding a job. To help deliver these important services, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will be providing funding of $1.5 million to the Actions interculturelles de développement et d’éducation (AIDE).

AIDE is 1 of 4 regional partners that will provide province-specific information to French-speaking newcomers. This unique collaborative partnership model will provide dedicated pre-arrival services to French-speaking newcomers as part of IRCC efforts to strengthen the Francophone Settlement Pathway. La Cité, the largest French-language college in Ontario, will act as the primary point of contact and will provide general information and needs assessments, and refer clients who are destined for Ontario to AIDE.

Today’s funding announcement is part of IRCC’s renewed pre-arrival services program, which will maximize the social integration of newcomers, set them up to contribute to the economy and help grow the middle class by:

  • directly connecting clients with the information and services they need through a streamlined, easy-to-navigate process;
  • providing pre-arrival services to French-speaking newcomers through a collaborative partnership model;
  • offering general, regional and occupation-specific employment services to boost job prospects;
  • encouraging newcomers to apply for job licensure before they arrive, if needed; and
  • linking clients to federal and provincial settlement services in Canada.