Hard and Soft Skills Activity 1

Read the passage about hard and soft skills, then use the drop-down menus to fill in each gap.
When searching for a job, it is useful to be able to describe your skills. Job skills are often described in two categories: hard skills and soft skills.
Hard skills are those you learn through on-the-job or institutional training. These include skills specific to a particular occupation, such as those involved in planning and teaching for teachers, or the ability to use specialized tools for a dental technician.
Soft skills are those that can be used in any occupation. These skills are often called transferable skills because you can transfer them from one job to another. Often, these are the skills that you use and develop in everyday situations, not necessarily in relation to work. Soft skills include organizational and team work skills, as well as qualities such as initiative and attention to detail.
A skill can be used in any job. A skill is learned for particular jobs. Being able to work well with others is a skill. A teacher who knows how to plan a lesson has a skill.
Indicate whether the following are hard or soft skills:
pay attention to detail - skillable to use dental technician tools - skill
write a computer program - skillproblem-solving - skill
do research on the Internet - skillrepair a car - skill
communicate effectively - skillinstall carpeting - skill
resolving conflict - skillfacilitate meetings - skill
build a fence - skillmake contributions in meetings - skill
operate a cash register - skillmake decisions - skill
design a bridge - skilllandscape a yard - skill
maintain small talk - skillwait on tables in a restaurant - skill
write an email or business letter- skillnurse patients in a hospital - skill