Accessing Information Online: Service Canada Website Activity 1

Read the text and complete each sentence or answer each question by typing your answer in the blank or clicking on the best choice(s). Use capital letters when needed. Each fill-in-the-blank question will change to multiple choice format after two incorrect responses.
Did you know?
Every Government of Canada website has in its website address. You can limit your Internet search to only Government of Canada websites by typing your search terms, then typing
In the next activity, you will get the information you need by going to the Service Canada website. See if you can find the same information by using search terms (such as youth employment strategy) with
Many people rely on government websites for information about rights, government services and procedures. It’s important to be able to find these government websites and to scan their homepages quickly to find links to the information you need.

A Helpful Website: Service Canada
The Government of Canada’s Service Canada website is like a huge table of contents for all the information you need about Canadian government services. See