Parts of a Paragraph Activity 1

Read the passage about the parts of a paragraph, then answer each question by clicking on True, False or No Information.
A paragraph is a group of sentences about one topic. It contains a topic sentence, supporting details and sometimes a concluding sentence. The sentences follow one another from the beginning to the end of the paragraph. A paragraph is usually part of a longer piece of writing, such as a letter or essay.

The topic sentence is usually the first sentence of the paragraph. It states the main idea of the paragraph. A good topic sentence tells the reader exactly what the rest of the paragraph will be about.
The supporting sentences are the middle sentences of the paragraph. They provide details such as explanations or examples that expand on or support the topic sentence. Supporting sentences are sometimes connected by transition words or phrases.
The concluding sentence
is sometimes used in longer paragraphs to sum up the ideas presented. It expresses the same idea as the topic sentence but in different words. It can start with a transition such as clearly or in conclusion.
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