Settlement Counselor Arabic-Speaking

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Greater Toronto Area
Application Deadline: 
Monday, December 10, 2018 - 10:00am
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Program/Project Description

Funded by Citizenship & Immigration Canada (IRCC), the Arab Community Centre of Toronto provides settlement assistance to newcomers and refugees. Services provided include needs assessment, service planning, information and referrals, reception and orientation, translation, interpretation and introduction to community resources.

Position Summary:

The Settlement Counsellor provides one-on-one and direct services to support the integration process of recent immigrants and refugees. Services include referrals to various services within and outside the community and provide updated and well-researched information relevant to immigrant and refugee needs. The position is responsible for conducting client’s needs assessment and development of a service plan jointly with the clients.

This position also requires developing an outreach strategy for the neighborhood, newcomers and their families; Settlement counsellors also provide information sessions and workshops on various topics that support the integration process of newcomers and their families. Settlement counsellors support and actively engage in ACCT’s community development principles and initiatives. Settlement Workers are competent in several different languages and language skills and are expected to be placed at different settlement programs and locations within the agency or with service partners.


Programming and Client Service (80%)
Case Management (50%)

  • Engages clients in intake and assessment process to identify immediate, short, medium and long term settlement needs of the newcomers and devise service plan based on the assessment and client’s needs
  • Provides one-on-one case management and counselling to clients requesting information concerning: Employment, housing, referrals, information about services/programs, advocacy, translation & interpretation and civic participation and community engagement
  • Provides generic and basic settlement related orientation and referrals to newcomer clients
  • Distributes the newcomer information guide to itinerant newcomer clients
  • Ensures all clients and the community feedback and concerns are addressed in a timely manner and recorded according to ACCT’s policies and procedures

Facilitation (20%)

  • Plans, organizes and facilitates group workshops and orientation sessions that support clients’ settlement and integration
  • Plans, prepares and evaluates appropriate material for group facilitation & workshops in collaboration with other teams and programs within the agency

Administrative Duties (10%)

  • Inputs data into appropriate data base as specified by the agency
  • Maintains required program records and submits required weekly and monthly reports and as requested by the management of the agency
  • Develop monthly work plan and activities
  • Ensures that all records are kept confidential and secure

Outreach, networking and Community Development (20%)
Outreach (10%)

  • Develops individualized outreach plans for each assigned service locations in collaboration with other ACCT’s programs or external service providers
  • Jointly with service partners conducts program promotion in community social landmarks
  • Coordinates activities with other ACCT’s staff and services

Community Development (5 %)

  • Actively participates in program’s community development activities including advocacy, outreach and community engagement and empowerment activities
  • Participates in networks of neighborhood based service providers
  • Nurtures community members for leadership
  • Participates in and supports local community events

Other Duties (5%)

  • Networks with other staff, attends staff meetings & agency events including staff social events, community events, staff and agency committees
  • Other duties assigned

Working Conditions:

  • Hours of Work: Staff is required to work 35 hours during regular work hours between 9:00 AM to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.
  • Location: This position will be based at ACCT’s Scarborough office with flexibility of mobility across any of our ACCT locations, based on community and program requirements. The locations (multiple) for this position may be added or moved to new addresses in the future according to the community and program requirements.

How to apply:

Please submit cover letter and resume by December, Monday 10th, 2018 before 10:00 a.m. to:

Rasha Mehyar
Settlement Manager


Thank you in advance for your interest. Only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.