Project/Admin Assistant - LCTS

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Job region: 
Greater Toronto Area
Application Deadline: 
Friday, September 4, 2020 - 11:00pm
Job terms: 
Part-time contract


Assist with the planning, implementation, administrative and technical support of the short-term project to provide Gender-Based (Domestic) Violence Professional Development to Ontario-based LINC teachers from September 2020 through March 2021. Duties will include assisting with webinar moderating and related administrative duties for online sessions on an occasional basis. The ideal candidate should be customer service-oriented and have good communication skills. Strong technology skills are preferred – training will be provided.


  • Support the Coordinator of Language Curriculum Training Services during the delivery of the GBV-related PD deliverables
  • Provide assistance to research and compile a virtual list of GBV resources (including active links), for LINC teachers to access and share, where appropriate, with their learners. (These will include information on which SPOs offer help to victims as well as existing resources such as pre-recorded webinars)
  • Assist in organizing and hosting a series of webinars and one online panel discussion via the LCTS Ontario group on
  • Assist in the planning and promoting of webinars/live sessions including:
    • Preparing publicity flyers for each event (template will be provided)
    • Setting up a Google registration form and Event listing on Tutela for each session
    • Drafting publicity text notices to be circulated to Language Training Partners
    • Monitoring incoming registrations and ensuring that each registrant is a member of the LCTS Ontario Group on Tutela
    • Assisting non-LCTS-member eligible registrants with gaining membership in the LCTS Ontario Group on Tutela ahead of the each webinar/the panel
  • Moderate live sessions, including:
    • Working within the BigBlueButton conferencing software platform on Tutela
    • Responding promptly to participant needs/challenges (e.g. disconnected audio or other technical difficulties) as they arise
    • Providing assistance to affected participants via the chat box
    • Monitoring any participant “open mics.” or “open cams” issues as they arise and dealing with them swiftly
    • Providing prompts to participants in the chat box regarding instructions for webinar activities and feedback collection
    • Keeping track of participant attendance at the beginning, mid-way through and at the end of the webinar and capture this by copy-pasting the list of those logged in on the Event page on Tutela
  • Monitoring late arrivals and early departures of participants
    to/from the webinar and document them
    On provided MS Word template, capturing and documenting the following information:
    • Participant attendance (including late arrivals and early departures)
    • Feedback results (using Snipping Tool)
    • All chat box text
    • Attend the webinars/panel and assist with greeting presenters, attendees and other moderator tasks
    • Organize the researched information into a corporate, online-publishing-ready document (template will be provided)
  • Provide admin support following live sessions, including:
    • Downloading the attendees’ list from Tutela
    • Removing duplicates (e.g. participant joined by both phone and computer) from the list
    • Checking the log-in and log-out times of each participant
    • Generating and then sending out PD certificates to the attendees
    • Uploading the video of the session following its editing
    • Other tasks as identified by the Director and LCTS coordinator


  • Secondary Education with training in office technology
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, to interact with both webinar presenters and attendees
  • Experience in customer service
  • Good interpersonal skills, problem solving and self-managing organizational skills
  • Excellent online research skills
  • Comfortable working in an online environment
  • Prior experience using online conferencing software platforms preferred (BigBlueButton is used for the webinars)
  • Strong computer literacy and technology skills preferred – training will be provided
  • Current knowledge and experience with MS Outlook and Office (2013), particularly Word and PowerPoint, and Windows Snipping Tool
  • Interest in gender-based violence topic as it applies to the language training field
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Flexible to be able to respond to and assist with webinar participant needs/challenges as soon as they arise
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Weekday afternoon to early evening availability between 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. (each webinar runs from one and a half to two hours; the GBV webinars will be held approximately twice per month from October to February)

Equipment required:

  • Desktop or laptop computer with built-in speakers and microphone
  • Headset and microphone
  • Reliable, high-speed Internet connection
  • Access to Google Chrome browser

How to apply:

To apply click here

Thank you to all applicants for their interest, however, only those selected to participate in our selection process will be contacted.