Job Coach

Job city: 
Job region: 
Greater Toronto Area
Application Deadline: 
Monday, February 15, 2021 - 5:00pm
Job terms: 
Part-time contract

Specifics: Self-directed role, interacting with program participants during work experience. Provides one-on-one support to participants at work/worksite, be available to assist with training, orientation and performance goals. Daily activities are self-guided, distributed between support to the program team and support to clients during work experience, and are aligned with specifics of the work experience and participant needs.

Job coach is empowered to develop and tailor coaching plans, tentative calendars of on-site and off-site activities for the week, including schedules to monitor integration into workforce, by planning visits to the work site for coaching and mentoring. Maintains regular open communication, feedback to, and coordination with program team. Coaching models are coordinated with program team and approved by program supervisor.

Primary Function: works with program participants (job seekers) during work experience, follows their individual needs and supports them in smooth transition into workplace. Provides direct coaching to assist participants with employment integration process, and assist businesses to maintain employment, train on the job new hires leading to job retention and growth.

Strong preference will be given to candidates who can demonstrate strong communication skills and empathy and proven understanding and knowledge of the LD community and individuals with disabilities.

Areas of Responsibilities:

Preparation to Work Experience: 20%

Work with participants to prepare them for targeted employment, determine employment goals prior to employment, and goal implementation and learning on the job during the work experience.
- Take part in recruiting, screening, intake and orientation sessions
- Facilitate workshops on certain employment related topics to support program and to better understand participant needs
- Contribute to program curriculum, develop workshops, share ideas and knowledge
- Support assessment and re-assessment of registered program participants
- Provide guidance in identifying and matching career interests, skills and aptitudes; assist in identifying employment pathway that meets individual needs
- Assist participants develop employability tools (resume, cover letter, cold calling, interviewing)
- Keep updated on the labour market, specific occupations, education, training and employment opportunities and career planning and job search strategies
- Maintain relationship with program participants to establish trust
- Mentor and individually coach participants to prepare them to match the jobs requirements
- Conduct re-assessment conversation with participants to identify potential recurring barriers they face in order to assist them overcome and prevent risks of job loss
- Develop customized individual support to participants, guidance and coaching
- Accompany participant to job interview(s), review interview process
- Review job offer, job description and contracts with participants for clarity, make sure participant understands the details, rights and responsibilities.

Job Coaching: 75%

Directly and effectively monitors work experiences of participants and their performance, by continuous and regular job coaching supports (daily/weekly, early, occasional, ad-hock, check-ins, monitoring) based on individual and workplace needs. Establishes regular communication with participants, conduct s conversations and meetings, visits to workplace site. Ensures successful job transition, including identification of accommodation requirements.
- Working in tandem with job developer to support the process of work experience
- Accompany participants on a first day at work, as per identified need
- Develop calendar of coaching interventions including visits, coordinate with program team, docket time and adequately adjust
- Guide, instruct, educate, mentor, train and support participants during work experience
- Support participants with appropriate sensitive approach on disclosures
- Assists participants develop necessary employment attitudes, skills and behaviors at workplace
- Identify challenges for successful workplace integration
- Develop tools: work place sequence, written instructions and break down tasks
- Use coaching techniques (prompting, modeling, reinforcement, teach self-monitoring)
- Develop support and learning plans with employers, as is appropriate
- Manage risk of job loss, follow the protocols to mitigate the risk
- Handle records of the work performed (contracts, payrolls, timesheets, payment records from businesses, attendance sheets) in timely manner
- Verify and docket hours, outstanding payments and pay rate according to the program’s compliance protocols
- Mentor local businesses, mediate, act as advocate for participants, mitigate risk of termination and support rationalization need for job retentions
- Works with participants in meeting job performance requirements and in establishing positive workplace relationships
- Conduct evaluative meetings participants and businesses, as is appropriate
- Receive and review mid-term and final evaluations from work experience

Program support – reporting: 5%
- Provide regular reports on participants progress, integration and performance
- Participates in program and agency meetings, reporting and decision-making as required
- Continue to support clients accessing the job retention part or direct hire
- Manage client files in paper (and electronic) formats, update client notes regularly
- Conduct outreach activities and recruitment as per program requirements
- Informs team about emerging employment related matters
- Work closely with industries and sectors to ensure updated information on occupation prospects
- Facilitate constructive and culturally sensitive communication between LDATD staff and clients
- Coordinate information, activities and linkages with other LDATD programs

Required Qualifications, Experience and Skills (N.O.C: 4153; 4033; 4215):

• Bachelor’s Degree/College Diploma (Career Counselling, Humanities, Social/Support Work, Sociology, Education, Teaching, Human Resources, or related studies)
• Minimum of 3 years of working experience with individuals in a community-based environment, offering client-oriented services and programs.
• Competent and confident in needs assessment, facilitation and presentation, mentoring, counselling, coaching and client support in the area of employment, career management, workplace integration, settlement, life skills.
• Solid knowledge about Labour Market, LM trends, industries and sectors, N.O.C, professions and trades in GTA.
• Knowledge of challenges and systemic barriers to labour market integration for job seekers with exceptionalities, newcomers, newly graduates, individuals with low or no work experience.
• Solid understanding of community resources, programs, supports, funding and required reporting milestones and procedure.
• Knowledge of computerized career and job search tools.
• Understanding of Learning Disabilities (LDs) and AD(H)D.
• Understanding of barriers individuals face in everyday life and social and economic integration
 Strong interpersonal skills and cultural competency
 High level of communication ability – listening, spoken and written
• Strength in building rapport and customer service
• Reliable, dedicated team player
• Self-motivated, self-directed, goal and results-oriented, with ability to set priorities and remain focused on results
• Organized, flexible and adaptable: with superior time management skills
• Proficient at providing quality reports and deliverables
• Ability to work with diverse groups of people in a multicultural/multiracial/ anti-oppressive environment
 Proficiency with computers and software applications and social platforms (Microsoft Office Suite - Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint; Zoom), various web browsers, Internet networks, employment tools
 Valid driving licence and access to reliable vehicle.

Working conditions and hours: During response to pandemic time variety of delivery modalities are in place, including virtual.
- Regular work week: 25 H
- Self-directed role, split between participant workplace support and program team support
- Hours between 9:00 and 5:00 pm, coordinated with immediate supervisor to respond to program priorities
- Start date: 18 Feb 2021

Application Process: Apply immediately!
Send resume to with subject line: LDEEP Job Coach.

The Agency conducts continuous interviews (telephone/video screening, video interviews) and will hire the first suitable candidate.

How to apply: 

Application Process: Apply immediately!
Send resume to with subject line: LDEEP Job Coach.

The Agency conducts continuous interviews (telephone/video screening, video interviews) and will hire the first suitable candidate.