Employment Facilitator and Coach

Job city: 
Job region: 
Greater Toronto Area
Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - 12:45pm
Job terms: 
Part-time contract

Position Title: Employment Facilitator and Coach
Terms: Part Time (20 H per week), Contract until 31 Dec 2021
Workdays: Monday through Friday
Location: Virtual – attached to 2 Lansing Square, Toronto
Reporting: Reports to the Program Manager


Responsible for developing and delivering career management services to cover all aspects of careering and employability to OW recipients under the TESS Programs (Toronto Employment Social Service) funding mandate.

Programs include: Core Program Curriculum, Post Program and Retention Support and Experiential Learning Interventions, delivered as: screening and assessment to recognize skills and define suitability of the programs; individual career-related counselling; facilitating group sessions, solution focused counselling, accreditation guidance, information and referral provision, and preparing participants to further their careers, whether it employment, self employment, skills upgrading, training, volunteering and transitions (like mental health referrals, ODSP and further job searching).

Understand the career based positive outcomes of Project requirements.


  • Recruit program participants
  • Recruit business partners, nurture and maintain relationship with businesses, industry stakeholders and community service providers
  • Organize experiential learning with industry reps and businesses
  • Support and monitor integration and learning with industry representatives and stakeholders
  • Provide coaching on workplace culture
  • Support development and implementation of goal setting and action planning
  • Conducting follow-up and evaluation of program interventions and delivery
  • Deliver all components of career development support: assessment, facilitation, coaching, guidance
  • Facilitate variety of career related workshops of program curriculum
  • Maintain interactive and learning engagement of program participants
  • Develop new, review and update existing programs’ curriculum, handouts and promo material
  • Organize program materials and tools for easy access and update regularly
  • Provide comprehensive information on N.O.C., Labour Market, professions, trades, education, skills enhancement, training and volunteering
  • Maintain updated and relevant communication with case workers
  • Maintain continuous and accurate records of interventions, participants and their progress, in electronic database and paper files
  • Effectively track program participants’ progress and provide reports to supervisor
  • Conduct research for customized activities for program participants
  • Undertake outreach to promote program, develop outreach materials and initiatives
  • Maintain strong working relations with LDATD programs and LDATD partner agencies
  • Actively participate in all LDATD activities and collaborate with other staff members contribute to the LDATD services expansion


  • A degree/diploma in Humanities, Employment or Career Counselling, Psychology, Education or Business, and at least three years’ experience working in the employment non-for profit sector
  • Experience working with communities with different learning abilities
  • Knowledge of services that support integration of individuals with different learning abilities, newcomers, newly graduates, job seekers who are in transition
  • Ability to implement curriculum; review, adjust and edit to the program/stakeholders’ need
  • Knowledge, experience and skills in developing and delivering presentations and in group facilitation of workshops
  • Demonstrated coaching skills in individual setting
  • Recognized ability to engage and motivate participants
  • Strong knowledge of the labour market and labour market trends
  • Proficiency in education system, volunteering, trades and professions, N.O.C. and alternative solutions
  • Competences in career and employment individual assessment
  • Competencies in job search techniques and process
  • Familiarity with issues individuals face in urban setting and barriers to economic and social integration
  • Demonstrate diversity, cultural and communication sensitivity to better address the needs of program participants
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, practice patience, tact and diplomacy, and demonstrated listening ability
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrated creativity and problem-solving
  • Experience in outreach, community development and marketing
  • Experience with TESS POES Data is considered to be as an asset

Working conditions and hours: During response to pandemic time variety of delivery modalities are in place, including virtual.
- Regular work week: 20 H
- Role supports participants during experiential learning and program team
- Hours between 9:00 and 5:00 pm, coordinated with immediate supervisor to respond to program priorities
- Start date: 18 Feb 2021

Application Process: Apply immediately!
Send resume to employability@ldatd.on.ca with subject line: TESS Employment Facilitator and Coach

The Agency conducts continuous interviews (telephone/video screening, video interviews) and will hire the first suitable candidate.

How to apply: 

Application Process: Apply immediately!
Send resume to employability@ldatd.on.ca with subject line: TESS Employment Facilitator and Coach

The Agency conducts continuous interviews (telephone/video screening, video interviews) and will hire the first suitable candidate.