Webinar: Preserving & Improving the Mental Health of Refugees, their Sponsors & Supporters

January 28, 2019 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Online Event: 


Refugee Sponsorship Training Program - RSTP invites you to a two-part webinar series on mental health and vicarious trauma.

Refugees are among the most vulnerable people on earth. Most of them have suffered massive losses. Many of these losses run to the core of their being, threatening their identity, their self-concept and their resilience. Almost all refugees have experienced trauma, many of those have also been subjected to separation from home and family, arrest and imprisonment, torture and deprivation.

Refugees have had to flee, sometimes alone, sometimes with families including elderly people, children, infants and people who are sick and/or disabled. Furthermore, they have often needed to flee without knowing where they are going and with no idea how they might find safety. They get separated, they see people hurt or killed, they live in constant fear and they often lose hope. Even if they find a safer place, it is often temporary or inadequate and they have to rebuild their lives with few resources and carrying the pain of the multiple losses. It is, therefore not surprising when refugees develop symptoms of decreased mental health and challenges to their functioning.

This webinar will review what we understand about mental health and the threats and challenges to sound mental health as well as the contributions to resilience. We will also touch on what we mean by mental illness and what illnesses or disorders refugees might be most vulnerable to.

Webinar part II runs on January 29, 2019.

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