Collaborating for the Benefit of Refugees: Sharing Promising Practices II

March 12, 2018
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Continuing the conversation on sharing promising practices on building partnerships and collaborating across sectors to better support privately sponsored refugees, we will be joined by members of Refugee613 for this webinar. Refugee613 is a coalition of citizens, settlement agencies, sponsorship groups and community partners in Ottawa that came together to inform, connect and inspire each other as various stakeholders. The majority of Ottawa’s service providers and refugee sponsorship groups are members of this group. Join this webinar to learn more about how this coalition came to be, how it works across sectors and what its achievements and lessons-learned have been to date.


  • Don Smith, Anglican Diocese of Ottawa
  • Louisa Taylor, Refugee 613

This webinar is part OCASI’s ‘Sharing Practices to Build Bridges’ webinar series for service providers and refugee sponsorship groups. In an effort to improve settlement outcomes for resettled refugees, these webinars aim to clarify roles and responsibilities, increase transparency about practices and support the collaboration between service providers and refugee sponsors.

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