Safe Work Integration of Newcomers Forum: Service Provider and Employer Perspectives

March 30, 2020 - 9:00am to 1:30pm
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Toronto City Hall, Committee Room 2
100 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON


The Institute for Work and Health invites you to the Safe Work Integration of Newcomers Forum: Service Provider and Employer Perspectives.

Many parties play a role in the safe integration of newcomers into their first jobs. Settlement and employment service providers support recent immigrants and refugees as they pursue work. And employers support the safe and sustained integration of recent immigrants and refugees into work when they find it. Research led by Dr. Basak Yanar at the Institute for Work & Health examined how service providers and employers work independently—and together—to support newcomers. She also examined their expectations, experiences and challenges in their respective roles.

Other parties play a role in supporting newcomers should they become injured or ill because of their work. Workers’ compensation boards and other services, for example, can provide benefits and/or offer return-to-work support. Yet little is known about how newcomers with English-language barriers perceive and access these services, or about the experiences of newcomers in the workplace after they become injured or ill. Research led by Dr. Stephanie Premji at McMaster University has explored challenges and facilitators related to language barriers in return to work and workers’ compensation.

At the Safe Work Integration of Newcomers Forum, these two researchers will highlight key findings from their work. Their presentations will be followed by a panel discussion, during which service providers, employers and policy-makers will talk about solutions for promoting safe employment, access to workers’ compensation and improved return-to-work outcomes among newcomers.

The event is free but registration is required.

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