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April 12, 2021 - 10:30am
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Trainee Opportunity for Internationally-Trained Professionals in Media, Marketing + Communications

Are you a media and communications professional with international experience? Have you been experiencing difficulty looking for work due to your lack of Canadian experience?
If this is your story and you are having difficulty starting a career in this industry, enroll in the Bridge to Employment in Media and Communications program (BEMC). BEMC is a unique 7-month full-time program offering in-class learning and hands-on work experience as a trainee through a work placement in a media-related organization.
BEMC is offered to all residents of Ontario through our virtual e-learning platform.

Why Take This Program?

Program participants gain:
• In-depth understanding of media and communications landscape, practices, and career opportunities in Ontario
• Improved mastery of professional communication skills with a certificate from Ryerson University
• Developing personal branding and professional networking
• Greater capacity to work within the Canadian multicultural environment
• Individual career coaching
• Local Canadian work experience through a work placement and other employment supports valuable personal and professional networks
• Mentorship program through a partnership with Seneca College

Who Qualifies for BEMC?

Internationally trained professionals who have formal training in media & communications studies.
Minimum of 2 years work experience outside of Canada in media, communications, film and TV, journalism, public relations, marketing, digital design or related areas.
Language proficiency of CLB 7
Immigration status: (Refugee Claimant with a work permit, Convention Refugee, Permanent Resident, Canadian Citizen)

The start date is mid-April for the Spring 2021 program
To learn more about BEMC, register to attend one of our information sessions at: